Piano Studio Policies

Studio Policies

  • Students will owe the fee for the lesson if cancellations are made later than noon the day of the lesson.  Please be sure to call or text with any changes or concerns with the schedule.  937-815-8121
  • Schedule: Lessons will follow the Springboro school calendar.  There are no lessons during Springboro school breaks and vacations.  Student’s “lesson year” will be determined at the start of the first lesson to plan for vacations and breaks. 
  • Present questions at the beginning of the lesson to streamline the student’s learning.
  • Students/families are to remain on the first floor (music room/dining room area and bathroom).
  • No food, gum or drink is permitted
  • Parking:  please drive SLOWLY around the circle and park in front of my home on the street. 

How can parents help at home?

  • Have a distraction-free area in their home for learning to take place
  • Have a piano in their home for regular practice
  • Encourage regular attentive practice daily (usually a check-list is provided to ensure task-oriented practice)
  • Have other children and pets away from the ‘learning’ space during practice time
  • Set time each day (5-6 days per week) to establish a routine to practice and learn.


At the start of the lesson, students should…

  • Be prepared with their music out and ready
  • Have a notebook to write down assignments
  • Turn off electronics and any other distractions to maximize learning and enjoyment
  • Ask questions and share what they’ve learned