Piano Lesson Tuition:

  •  30 minute lesson is $22 per week
  •  45 minute lesson is $33 per week
  •  60 minute lesson is $44 per week

Various payment options are available, which include: one payment for the lesson year*, two installment payments, or pay monthly installments by the first lesson of each month.  Total due will be based on payment option chosen.

 *A lesson year equates to the start date of initial lesson, to the last lesson offered in May.

Materials: Books, purchased by the teacher, typically include a Lesson Book, Recital/Supplementary Book, Technic and Theory  Book.  Average cost per book is around $7.  Parents will be notified ahead of time when books/materials are needed.  Parents are responsible for reimbursing for books at the following lesson.


Music Therapy Rates:

  • Rates vary depending on music therapy services provided: assessment, 1:1 rate, group rate as well as location and frequency of services.  
  • Contact Carson Music Services to discuss rates.


  • Checks can be make out to Kendra Carson.  
  • Credit card payments may be made on the website:  www.carsonmusicservices.com through PayPal.  (You do not need a PayPal account to make a payment.) 
  • PayPal
  • Venmo